George Henry VODDEN 

*6 Mar 1849 - †before 1920


a) Obtained a certified copy of an entry of birth BXBZ 986041 dated August 1, 2003 Registration District of Barnstaple in the Sub-district of Bishops Tawton in the of Devon.

1851 British Census
George Henry Vodden found in:
Census Records: United Kingdom, 1851
Enumeration district: Tawstock Barnst : Devonshire
Address: Venn, Barnstaple Family number: 1223899
Name«tab»«tab»«tab»Relationship«tab»Mar«tab»Age «tab»Sex«tab»Occupation «tab»«tab»Birthplace
John VODDEN«tab»«tab»Head«tab»«tab»M«tab»57«tab»M«tab»Agricultural Labourer«tab»Tawstock-DEV
Elizabeth VODDEN«tab»«tab»Wife«tab»«tab»M«tab»56«tab»F«tab»---«tab»«tab»«tab»Tawstock-DEV
Anna VODDEN«tab»«tab»Daur«tab»«tab»U«tab»19«tab»F«tab»---«tab»«tab»«tab»Tawstock-DEV
George Henry VODDEN«tab»GSon«tab»«tab»-«tab»2«tab»M«tab»---«tab»«tab»«tab»Tawstock-DEV
Address:«tab»Venn, Barnstaple
Census Place:«tab»Tawstock Barnstaple, Devonshire
PRO Reference:«tab»HO/107/1893«tab»Folio:«tab»611«tab»Page:«tab»5«tab»FHL Film:«tab»0221044

The one other family member on this census is Anna Vodden, daughter of John & Elizabeth Vodden. His birth certificate indicates that his parents are Henry & Mary Ann Vodden who at the time of the census wereliving in Tawstock having an elder son, John, with them while the younger son, George, is living with his grandparents. It could be that Henry and Mary Ann were unable to take care of the younger George whileHenry was getting established as a shoemaker and his grandparents were raising him for the time being.

1871 British Census
Name «tab»«tab»Age «tab»Birthplace «tab»«tab»Relationship «tab»Occupation«tab»Civil Parish /Island
George Vodden «tab»22 «tab»Tawstock,, Devon, England «tab»Head «tab»«tab»Farmer of 30 acres«tab»Tawstock Devon
John Vodden «tab»20 «tab»Tawstock «tab»«tab»Brother «tab»«tab»Farmer of 30 acres«tab»Tawstock Devon

1881 British Census - LDS
Dwelling:«tab»Bishops Tawton Village
Census Place:«tab»Bishops Tawton,, Devon, England
Source:«tab»FHL Film 1341542 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2251 Folio 53 Page 2
Geo.H. VODDEN«tab»M«tab»32 «tab»M«tab»Tawstock,, Devon, England«tab»«tab»Head«tab»«tab»Cordwinder
Rhoda VODDEN«tab»M«tab»28 «tab»F«tab»Tawstock,, Devon, England«tab»«tab»Wife«tab»«tab»Cordwinder Wife
Rhoda VODDEN«tab»U«tab»7 «tab»F«tab»Newton Tracey,, Devon, England«tab»Daur«tab»«tab»Scholar
John VODDEN«tab»U«tab»5 «tab»M«tab»Newton Tracey,, Devon, England«tab»Son«tab»«tab»Scholar
Elizabeth VODDEN«tab»- «tab»2 «tab»F«tab»Newton Tracey,, Devon, England«tab»Daur
Joseph SYMONS«tab»W«tab»79 «tab»M«tab»Tawstock,, Devon, England«tab»«tab»Grandfather«tab»Farmer

1891 British Census on
Piece: RG12/1780 Place: Barnstaple-Devon Enumeration District: 3
Civil Parish: Bishops Tawton Ecclesiastical Parish: Bishops Tawton
Folio: 21 Page: 5 Schedule: 32
Address: Village
Surname First name(s) «tab»Rel «tab»Status «tab»Sex «tab»Age «tab»Occupation «tab»«tab»Where Born
VODDEN George H «tab»Head «tab»M «tab»M «tab»40 «tab»Shoemaker (Not-Empr/empee) Devon - Tawstock
VODDEN Rhoda «tab»Wife «tab»M «tab»F «tab»39 «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Devon - Tawstock
VODDEN John «tab»Son «tab» - «tab»M «tab»15 «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Devon - Newton Tracey
VODDEN Elizabeth «tab»Dau «tab» - «tab» F «tab»12 «tab»Scholar «tab»«tab»Devon - Newton Tracey
VODDEN Emily «tab»Dau «tab» - «tab»F «tab»10 «tab»Scholar «tab»«tab»Devon - Bishops Tawton
VODDEN George H «tab»Son «tab» - «tab»M «tab» 8 «tab»Scholar «tab»«tab»Devon - Bishops Tawton
VODDEN Walter «tab» Son «tab» - «tab»M «tab» 4 «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Devon - Bishops Tawton
VODDEN Albert W «tab»Son «tab» - «tab»M «tab» 4m «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Devon - Bishops Tawton

1901 England Census
RG 13 / 2152 Admin : Devon
Civil Parish: Bishops Tawton
Rural District: Barnstaple
Address: Village
Name «tab»«tab»Age «tab»Birthplace «tab»«tab»Relationship«tab»Occupation«tab» «tab»Civil Parish /Island
George H Vodden «tab»53 «tab»Tawstock, Devon «tab»«tab»Head «tab»«tab»Market Gardener«tab»«tab»Bishops Tawton Devon
Rhoda Vodden «tab»49 «tab»Tawstock, Devon«tab»«tab»Wife «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Bishops Tawton Devon
Rhoda Vodden «tab»28 «tab»Newton Tracey, Devon «tab»Daughter «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Bishops Tawton Devon
John Vodden «tab»26 «tab»Newton Tracey, Devon «tab»Son «tab»«tab»Timber Yard Labourer«tab»Bishops Tawton Devon
Elizabeth Vodden «tab»23 «tab»Newton Tracey, Devon «tab»Daughter «tab»Dressmaker«tab»«tab»Bishops Tawton Devon
George H Vodden «tab»17 «tab»Bishops Tawton, Devon «tab»Son «tab»«tab»Stableboy«tab»«tab»BishopsTawton Devon
Walter Vodden«tab»13 «tab»Bishops Tawton, Devon«tab»Son «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Bishops Tawton Devon
Albert Vodden «tab»11 «tab»Bishops Tawton, Devon «tab»Son «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Bishops Tawton Devon
Arthur Vodden«tab» 7 «tab»Bishops Tawton, Devon «tab»Son «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Bishops Tawton Devon
Cecil Vodden«tab» 3 «tab»Bishops Tawton, Devon «tab»Grandson «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Bishops Tawton Devon

  • Cordwinder
  • 1881


1) England and Wales, Civil Registration Index: 1837-1900 on

Vanstone, Rhoda
Year: 1873 Quarter: Mar
Record Type: Marriages Contributer: greg_o
District: Barnstaple
Volume: 5b Page: 711

Vodden, George Henry
Year: 1873 Quarter: Mar
Record Type: Marriages Contributer: greg_o
District: Barnstaple
Volume: 5b Page: 711

England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index: 1837-1983 Record
about George Henry Vodden
Name: George Henry Vodden
Year of Registration: 1873
Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
District: Barnstaple
: Devon
Volume: 5b
Page: 711 (click to see others on page)