*6 May 1696 - †1774


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"1710 - 1720
The only major event we know of in this decade is the marriage, in October, 1719 of Robert Brinsmead to Grace Vodden in St. Giles in the Wood. They had their first child Mary a little earlier since she was baptized March 17, 1718/19.
By the end of the decade, Robert, now aged 24 is married to Grace and they have the one child, Mary. Henry, now 22 is still single. We do not have a record of Christian aged 27, who is perhaps married.
Elsewhere in the Village, in 1710 Robert Lovett, Esq. gave £30 for binding out apprentices to the handicraft trades."

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"1720 - 1730
We know nothing of what happened to Mary and Archilus Copp during this decade although they were still alive.
Robert and Grace have additional children:
Henry, baptised Jan 15, 1720/21
Grace, baptised in 1723
Robert, baptised on August 26, 1727
They were all born in St. Giles in the Wood so we presume they continued to live near the village, probably at Dodscott.
Robert's younger brother Henry Brinsmead married Elizabeth Vooden on October 3, 1726. Elizabeth died the next year, before they had children.
We have no information about where Robert and Grace's family lived during this period, although it is probable that at least some of them stayed at Dodscott.
At the end of the decade, the family groupings were, as far as we know:
Mary and Archillus Copp
Christian (aged 37)
Robert (aged 34) and Grace (aged 29)
Mary (aged 11)
Henry (aged 10)
Grace (aged 7)
Robert (aged 3)
Henry (widower, aged 32)"

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"1730 - 1740
The two couples, Robert and Grace and Henry and Francis, yield the first division in the Devon Brinsmead's family tree.
At the end of the decade, the family groupings were, as far as we know:
Mary Copp:
Christian (aged 47) [This is not correct as Christian married John Vodden, brother to Elizabeth & Grace.]
Robert and Grace's line:
Robert (aged 44) and Grace (aged 39)
Henry (aged 20)
Grace (aged 17)
Robert (aged 13)
Margaret (aged 7)
Mary (aged 21) and John Copp
Henry and Francis' line:
Henry (aged 42) and Francis (Clarke)
Francis (age 6)
Henry (age 4)
Mary (age 3)
In 1735, a village resident, Charles Beere died and left in his will, two annual gifts to the poor of the parish. He charged two properties, Higher Hill (a house on the rise just south of the village) and Lower Hill each for 20s. per year, to be distributed to the poor - "labouring men or such persons as should have no relief" - each Christmas and Easter. "
"1770 - 1780
Robert Brinsmead died in St. Giles in the Wood in 1774, leaving Grace, his widow."

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1) Boyd's Marriage Index
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Entry from Boyds Marriage Index - Main Series - Devon-1st party part 2
Year «tab»1719
Surname1 «tab»VODDEN
Forename1 «tab»Grace
Surname2 «tab»BRINSMEAD
Forename2 «tab»Robert
County «tab»Devon
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