*c. 1831 - †?


a) 1851 England Census
Source information: HO107/1681
Registration district: Basingstoke
Sub-registration district: Basingstoke
ED, institution, or vessel: 6 and 7
Folio: 375
Page: 3 (click to see others on page)
Household schedule number: 9
GSU Number: 193589
Address: Strathfield Saye House
Name «tab»«tab» Birth Year «tab»Birthplace «tab»«tab»«tab»Relationship «tab»Civil Parish
Isaac Carter «tab»abt 1769 «tab»Sonning, Berkshire, England «tab»«tab»Head «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
Hannah Carter «tab»abt 1777 «tab»Swallowfield, Wiltshire, England «tab»Wife «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
James Carter «tab»abt 1806 «tab»Beech Hill, Berkshire, England «tab»Daughter «tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
James Caster «tab»abt 1809 «tab»Beech Hill, Berkshire, England «tab»Son «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
Elizabeth Afvitler «tab»abt 1793 «tab»Lichfield,, Staffordshire, England «tab»Servant «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
Fanny Bennett «tab»abt 1828 «tab»Stratfieldsaye «tab»«tab»«tab»Servant «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
Elizabeth Browning abt 1826 «tab»Stougursey,, Somerset, England «tab»Servant «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
Emma Hitchcock «tab»abt 1819 «tab»East Clandon, Surrey, England «tab»Servant «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
Mary Johnson «tab»abt 1831 «tab»Boveridge, Dorset, England «tab»«tab»Servant «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
Sarah Jordan «tab»abt 1811 «tab»Stone,, Worcestershire, England «tab»Servant «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
Charlotte Lester «tab»abt 1823 «tab»Fordington, Dorset, England «tab»«tab»Servant «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
Mary Muckleston «tab»abt 1816 «tab»Barton,, Bedfordshire, England «tab»Servant «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
Isabella Mullis «tab»abt 1796 «tab»Northleith, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Scotland Servant «tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
Dorcas Searle «tab»abt 1829 «tab»Heckfield,, Hampshire, England «tab»Servant «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire
Frederick Woolford abt 1826 «tab»«tab»Heckfield,, Hampshire, England «tab»Servant «tab»«tab»Stratfieldsaye Hampshire

1861 Wales Census from
Name «tab»Estimated Birth Year «tab»Birthplace «tab»«tab»«tab»Relationship «tab»Civil Parish or Township «tab»/Island
George Parker «tab»abt 1825 «tab»Hatherleigh,, Devon, England«tab» «tab»Head «tab»«tab»Llantillio Crossenny «tab»Monmouthshire
Mary Parker «tab»abt 1831 «tab»Crambourne, Dorset, England«tab» «tab»Wife «tab»«tab»Llantillio Crossenny «tab»Monmouthshire
Arthur W Parker «tab»abt 1858 «tab»Philleigh,, Cornwall, England «tab» «tab»Son «tab»«tab»Llantillio Crossenny «tab»Monmouthshire
Jessie C Parker «tab»abt 1859 «tab»Philleigh,, Cornwall, England«tab» «tab»Daughter «tab»Llantillio Crossenny «tab»Monmouthshire
Mary C Parker «tab»abt 1860 «tab»Llantillio Crossenny, Monmouthshire, Wales Daughter «tab»Llantillio Crossenny «tab»Monmouthshire
Fanny Johnson «tab»abt 1840 «tab»Stratfield Saye,, Hampshire, England «tab»Visitor «tab»«tab»Llantillio Crossenny «tab»Monmouthshire
William J Johnson «tab»abt 1854 «tab»Paulett,, Somerset, England «tab»«tab»Visitor «tab»«tab»Llantillio Crossenny «tab»Monmouthshire
Emma Watkins «tab»abt 1841 «tab»Ragland, Monmouthshire, Wales «tab»Servant «tab»«tab»Llantillio Crossenny «tab»Monmouthshire
Source information: RG9/3986
Registration district: Monmouth
Sub-registration district: Dingestow
ED, institution, or vessel: 25
Folio: 27 Page: 4
Household schedule number: 21
GSU Number: 543217

1871 England Census from
Source information: RG10/3747
Registration district: Birkenhead
Sub-registration district: Birkenhead
ED, institution, or vessel: 22
Folio: 141
Page: 1
Household schedule number: 3
GSU Number: 842138
Name «tab»«tab»Birth Year «tab»Birthplace «tab»«tab»Relationship «tab»Civil Parish or Township
George Parkers «tab»abt 1827 «tab»Devon, England «tab»«tab»Head «tab»«tab»Birkenhead Cheshire
Mary Parkers «tab»abt 1832 «tab»Devon, England «tab»«tab»Wife «tab»«tab»Birkenhead Cheshire
Arthur I Parkers «tab»abt 1858 «tab»Cornwall, England «tab»«tab»Son «tab»«tab»Birkenhead Cheshire
Jessie Parkers «tab»abt 1859 «tab»Cornwall, England «tab»«tab»Daughter «tab»BirkenheadCheshire
Mary Parkers «tab»abt 1861 «tab»Monmouthshire, Wales «tab»Daughter «tab»BirkenheadCheshire
Alice G Parkers «tab»abt 1862 «tab»Monmouthshire, Wales «tab»Daughter «tab»Birkenhead Cheshire
Faith V Parkers «tab»abt 1864 «tab»Monmouthshire, Wales «tab»Son «tab»«tab»Birkenhead Cheshire
Annie Parkers «tab»abt 1866 «tab»Gloucestershire, England «tab»Daughter «tab»Birkenhead Cheshire
Lydia I Parkers «tab»abt 1870 «tab»Cheshire, England «tab»«tab»Daughter «tab»Birkenhead Cheshire
Mongate Parkers «tab»abt 1870 «tab»Cheshire, England «tab»«tab»Daughter «tab»Birkenhead Cheshire
Margret Edwards «tab»abt 1855 «tab»Flintshire, Wales «tab»«tab»Servant «tab»«tab»Birkenhead Cheshire

1881 British Census
Name «tab»«tab»«tab»Relation «tab»«tab»Marital Status «tab»Gender «tab»Age «tab»Birthplace «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Occupation
Mary PARKER «tab»«tab»Wife (Head) «tab»M «tab»«tab»Female «tab»50 «tab»Boveridge Dorset «tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Managers Wife
Mary E. PARKER «tab»«tab»Daughter «tab»U «tab»«tab»Female «tab»20 «tab»Llantillis Gravesend, Monmouth, England «tab»Stationers Assistant
Frank V. PARKER «tab»Son «tab»«tab»U «tab»«tab»Male «tab»17 «tab»Llantillis Gravesend, Monmouth, England «tab»Shipbrokers Clerk
Annie R. PARKER «tab»Daughter «tab»U «tab»«tab»Female «tab»16 «tab»Cheltenham, Gloucester, England «tab»«tab»Drapers Assistant
Lydia J. PARKER «tab»«tab»Daughter «tab» «tab»«tab»Female «tab»11 «tab»Birkenhead, Cheshire, England «tab»«tab»School
Edith PARKER «tab»«tab»Daughter «tab» «tab»«tab»Female «tab»10 «tab»Birkenhead, Cheshire, England «tab»«tab»School
George H. PARKER «tab»Son «tab»«tab» «tab»«tab»Male «tab»8 «tab»Birkenhead, Cheshire, England «tab»«tab»School
Ethel PARKER «tab»«tab»Daughter «tab»«tab» «tab»Female «tab»6 «tab»Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
Source Information:
Dwelling 16 Derby Road
Census Place Tranmere, Cheshire, England
Family History Library Film 1341858
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 3586 / 23
Page Number 39
On the 1881 Census, George appears to be in London at the time of the census.

England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index, 1837-1915 about Mary Parker
Name:«tab»Mary Parker
Estimated birth year:«tab»abt 1830
Registration Year:«tab»1882
Registration Quarter:«tab»Jan-Feb-Mar
Age at Death:«tab»52
Registration district:«tab»Chester
Inferred County:«tab»Cheshire
Page:«tab»262 or 284
Line Number: 167 or 166
Source Information:
FreeBMD. England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index, 1837-1915 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006.
Original data: General Register Office. England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes. London, England: General Register Office.

England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966 about Mary Parker
Name:«tab»Mary Parker
Probate Date:«tab»17 Feb 1887
Death Date:«tab»28 Dec 1886
Death Place:«tab»Surrey, England
Registry:«tab»Principal Registry
Parker, Mary Ann. 10 March. Administration of the Personal Estate of Mary Ann Parker (Wife of George Parker) late of Farndon in the County of Chester who died 17 February 1887 at Farndon was granted at Chester to the said George Parker of Farndon Farmer.
Original data: Principal Probate Registry. Calendar of the Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration made in the Probate Registries of the High Court of Justice in England. London, England © Crown copyright.

Wedding: 1)


1) Family Search marriage record for George Parker and Mary Johnson
31st July1856 , Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, England
England Marriages, 1538-1973
Record title: England Marriages, 1538-1973
Groom's Name: Geo Parker
Groom's birth date: 1827
Groom's age: 29
Bride's name: Mary Johnson
Bride's birth date: 1831
Bride's age: 25
Marriage Date: 31 Jul 1856
Marriage Place: Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, England
Groom's father's name" Bartholomew Parker
Bride's father's name: John Johnson
Indexing project (batch) Number: M13944-2
System Origin: England-ODM
Source Film number" 1041371