Rose Helena FREEMAN 

*31 Aug 1893 - †Mar 1982


a) ROSE H. VODDEN, ss#359-30-2274
(in letter from Darrell Blevins, Freedom of Information Officer, May 18, 2000 to Sally Dunkelberger. ...." ROSE VODDEN application fora Social Security number shows the account number 359-30-2274,which is her husband's number. Her correct Social Security number is 322-56-5305. She never had a Social Security number before she filed a claim for benefits under her husband's social security number."....
full given name at birth: Rose Helena Freeman
age on last birthday: 78
date of birth: Aug. 31,1893
place of birth: London, England
mother: Rosina Hallett
father: Richard William Freeman
sex: female; Race: white
signed: Rose H. Vodden
today date: 5/18/72
employer: none listed
" typed at bottom of form--Rose Vodden, Malta, Ill, 60150
from SSDI: died Mar 1982

«b»Rose Vodden: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
«/b»«i»Name:«b»Rose Vodden«/b»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Date of Birth:Wednesday August 30, 1893«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Date of Death:March 1982«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Est. Age at death:88 years, 6 months«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Last known residence:«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
City: Malta«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
County: DeKalb«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
State: Illinois«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
ZIP Code: 60150«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Latitude: 41.8958«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Longitude: -88.8827«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Social Security details:«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
State of Issue: Illinois«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Number: 322-56-5305«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»

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