Stanley Robert HEWITSON 

*10 Jul 1877 - †29 Jan 1960


a) [Vodden4.FTW]


A Bsc in chemstry

His own flat. Wife lived there during war

Rented flat

Own Bungallow . with his sister Barbra

In Nursing Home


2 older and 1 younger brothers
1 older and 1 younger sister
Red hair fair skin blue eyed Short stature
Sister, Barbra lived with him after death of his wife till she died in
Bognor Regis, in a bugalow.
He trained at University of London for Bsc in Chemistry
His brother, Frank, was engaged to Alice when he was killed in the
Boer war. Stanley was reputed to have tossed a coin with Frank to see
which would go to SA and who would stay with their mother. Frank won
the toss and went. After he was killed and some time later, Stanley
married Alice.
He was a fellow of the Royal Astronomic Association
1936 he was awarded the MBE for sevices to Royal Hospital School and
Greenwich Hospital by the Admiralty
In 1913 he was a schoolmaster and lived 44 Calais Gate Camberwell.
London when he married.
He honeymooned in Switzerland
1912 - 1915 sailed a boat at Falmoth Cornwall
1920 1933 freemason Master of the Royal Naval college Lodge
He served in the army as a Sergeant RANC in Germany and East Africa
from 1915 to 1918
He subsequently researched into Weils disease- (scientist) in Mill
Wall London
A school master then headmaster at St Saviours Southwark,London (1920)
He lived at his own house at Monson Rd Reigate Surrey 1918 - 1920 and
commuted to London Bridge by train
Had a resident nurse.( for Leslie, Norah?).
Headmaster at the Royal Hospital School Greenwich London (1920-1933-)
1000 boys, 25 teachers I personal secretary
under Admiralty
Lived in I/3 part of Queens house Greenwich. with a garden in the
grounds and a garage.1 car 4 recept 5 beds 3 baths 3 lavatories
basement kitchen
I batman resident cook 1 daily cleaning woman 1 mending woman 1 washer
woman 2 runners
1920- 1933 he was the General secretary of the National Union of
Retired from The Royal Hospital School,Holbrook, Suffolk (Public
School) 1933-1946
1000 boys 33 teachers and 1 secretary
Income £1,500 pa.
He lived there in a 5 detached bedroom house tied to job. 3 recept 5
beds 2 baths 3 lavatories , batman and servants sitting room ,garage 3
cars share in sailing boat 1resident maid 1 batman
After he retired in 1946 -1952 he lived in a rented flat "Wickwood",
Sandpit lane St Albans. 2 recepts 3 beds garage, garden and 2 cars and
an allotment.
1952 Alice died of cancer
He lived in bungalow with his sister (retired schoolmistress Barbara)
in Bognor Regis Sussex until he entered a nursing Home in Caterham
near his daughters home. Car garden garage
Barbara died before him
1912 in his fathers will. He inherited 1/3 share of fathers factory in
He died of artemoscheric dementia ? leaving will and estate[ valued
at £4000

  • Headmaster
  • Sergeant RAMC