*1838 - †6 Jan 1911
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Labouring at 13 at Foundry- 1851 (cenus)

Next door to Squires

Semidetached house (whole house occupied)

up to 1903

1912 ? Lambeth
from 1903 to 1911

73 years old retire Engineer
death registered by SH hewitson son who was present at the death

He had 3 older brothers and 2 younger brothers.
1 older and 1 younger sister
Engineer of Southwalk
Born in Thornaby co Durham to James his engineer father and mother
1851(census) Labouring aged 13 in Foundry probably Tees enginering
works owned by Wilson where his uncle (John?) was works manager for 25
years. Probably apprenticed there
Lived at 86 Henry St Middlesbrough (1851)
Engineering apprenticeship in Middlesbrough
Moved to London (with Wilson Brothers)
By his marriage in 1868 he had qualified as an engineer and was living
at 22 Sutterton St. Islington next door to his bride Sarahs family..
They were both 30
He had six children 4 boys and 2 girls
Deeds for Boundary Lane Factory 1873 with
David Johnston 199 AlbanySt Camberwell, engineer
Thomas Wilson 8 Denmark st Cold Habour Lane Camberwell, Engeneer
Robert Wilson 14 Richmond st st georges Rd southwalk, engineer
He - Robet hewitson of 23 sutterton St caledonian rd isslington,
Bill of Aution Albert Works Boundary Lane.
By 1877 (birth of Stanley) he was the owner (shared) of engineering
works , Albert Works, Boundary Lane, Walworth, London making Maritime
1877 when son born lived at 23 Sutterton St Islington. (wifes family
1873 he took out a 16 year lease on Boundary Lane Factory at £60 pa
for Johnston, Wilson, Wilson, Hewitson. They were all aged about 30.
The Wilsons were sons of Wilson of Tees engineering Works (Where
possibly he had done his apprenticship. (sons of eithei Thomas and
Mary or John and Ann of Aukland st and 1832,1836 or 1829, 1844)
Johnston, Hewitson and Wilson, sawmills, general engineers and
ironfounders- Boundry Lane
His father died middlesbrough 1876
1878 lived at 23 Sutterton St Islington london
1886 listed in PO Directory as Engineer - Sawmill and General
Engineers and Founders etc. Johnston Hewitson And Wilson,Boundary Lane
Walworth Southwark. .
1885 His mother Barbara died at Boyson Road Walworth ( widow living
with son?)
1886 Lived at 179 {173} Boyson Rd Walworth Southwalk.London
up to 1903 lived at 17 Penfold St Camberwell, London
moved to 19 Haslemere Rd Camberwell 1903
1910 he died at of cancer at 19 Halsmere Rd Camberwell- a retired
The factory at Albert Works was put up for sale in 1912 his son,
Stanley . inherited 1/3rd.

Wedding: 1)
  • 1911


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