*22 Jun 1812 - †after 1869


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[UL::UL]1841 Census Pianoforte maker and Journeyman
In the house of brother (uncle) in Law , Henry Brinsmead pianomaker,
and other pianomakers and a servant.Upper Grafton St Fitzroy Sq London
His wife is recorded as living in Well St Gt Torrington still on the
census for 1841 in the house of Ann Handcock sister - innkeeper

Occupation pianoforte maker.
House shared with two other pianoforte makers and families.

and 1861 census

After 1880 if SHR remembered visiting him on a farm in Wood Green.
Alive at marriage of daughter Sarah in 1868 .
but before 1881 as "grandmother "Susan now living at Boyson Rd

One older brother, 3 older and 1 younger sister.+ another sister
married frenchman
Was apprentice cabinetmaker - Gt Torington, Devon
Trained as Master Journeyman. His father was a Master Wheelwright
Wesleyan (Bideford)
Pianoforte maker in Islington London in partnership with his brother
in law?, John Brinsmead in 1832 when married Susan Handcock. Self
employed business. Seemed to live part in London part in Devon.
Travelling between family in Well St Gt Torrington Devon and business
in Islington.
1841 wife Susan still living at Well St (Barley Mow- Fathers Inn?)
Ann Handcock - Inn keeper
Squires had lease of Old Inn and Brewerey Well St 1822-62 also.
Had five children. Sarah born in 1838 in Gt Torrington, he was a
Wheelwright on her birth cert living in Islington London.
His uncle Thomas Brinsmead (married to Margery Squire ) was a piano
In 1841(census) he was living In the house of Henry (or John?)
Brinsmead (brother in law!) , a pianomaker and other pianomakers with
one servant. in London. Upper Grafton St, Fitzroy Square
It seems that although Henys wife Charlotte lived in London, her
sister,Susan, Johns wife , stiil lived in Devon
Census 1841 London Upper Grafton St, Fitzroy Square
Henry Brinsmead30Pianomakern
Charlotte Brinsmead30n (Handcock)
Henry Brinsmead 4y
Mary Sharpley17F.Sn
William Brinsmead1.5y
John Squire30Pianomaker. Journeyman n
Henry Squire8n
John (cousin)30Pianomaker Journeymann (Brinsmead?)
(N/ yes = born in parish?)
In 1851 was living at 18 Clarendon Sq, St Pancras London sharing with
two other pianomakers families. {henry 10 john 14 frank 18}
wife Susan also living there now
Census 1851 London
18 Clarendon Sq St Pancras
John SquireHead m 39 pianoforte maker Devon Gt Torrington
Susan wife 42 do (Hancock)
Henry son 15 pianomaker do
John son 14 pianomaker do
Thomas son 8 scholar do
Frank nephew 18 pianoforte maker do
Joshua Taggs 23 pianoforte maker Herts
John Tarry head 32 piano key maker Essex Waltham
Lucy wife 26 mdx St pancras
Frank Henry son 6 do
He was in the PO directory at Clarendon Sq as a piano maker in 1853
House at 22-23 Sutterton St shared with Southey? music smith 1859
Sole occupation at Sutterton St by 1856
1861 census marks him living at Sutterton St now employing 2 men and 2
apprentices and ? apprentice. Susan there too also Thomas piano maker
and George Bordwe aprentise
When daughter Sarah married in 1868 her address was now at 23
Sutterton St and her husband RH lived next door at 22. Johns wife
Susan and family were by now living with him in london presumably.
Lease expired at well St?
House at 22-23 Sutterton St shared with Southey? music smith 1859
Sole occupation at Sutterton St by 1856
Died (after 1868) a retired pianomaker possibly in Wood Green on a
farm Middlesex After 1880? His grandson Stanley remembered visiting
Grandson, Stanley Hewitson, was born at 23 Sutterton St in 1877
Piano making Family
His aunts husband Henry Brinsmeade was a pianomaker
John Brinsmead brother in law in 1878 was awarded the cross of Legion
of honour in Paris and the gold medal Paris etc. 1870 (Pianomaker)
His son Thomas became a pianomaker and nephew Frank Squire . Daughter
Frances married Robert Chapel ( Chappel pianos?) Also William
Brinsmead (Squire) his cousin became a piano maker
One son , Robert. married a Frenchwoman and lived in Paris . Their son
was Professor of Theatre in St Petersburg. William Squire
A grandaughter married an Italian banker and lived in Rome, San Remo
Alexandria and Milan.
French and Italian Cousins often came to visit.
Other Islington people
Frank Squire died age 44 in Islington 1877born1833
Mary Ann Brinsmead died age 41 1880 in Islingtonborn 1839
Henry Brinsmead died age 31 1899 in Islingtonborn 1868
Rose Phoebe Brinsmead died age 23 1897 in Islingtonborn 1874

  • Pianoforte Maker (self employed)
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Witnessed by John Stephens and Francis Squire
? St Giles Register?