Henry Townsend VODDEN 

*10 Jun 1887 - †24 Aug 1960


a) Per email from Paul Vodden date Dec 16, 2007, he was the Bishop of Hull.
CONC work, Inc., 2005), Database online.
CONC work, Inc., 2005), Database online.
CONC work, Inc., 2005), Database online.

«b»Henry Townsend Vodden
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«i»ntbl«u» «b»Anglicanism portal «/u»«/i»Henry Townsend Vodden «u»[1]«/u»«/b» was the fifth «u»Bishop of Hull «/u» in the modern era (from 1934 until 1957). Born on «u»10 July «/u» «u»1887 «/u» «u»[2]«/u» and educated at «u»Exeter School [3]«/u» and «u»Exeter College, Oxford «/u» , his first posts after «u»ordination «/u» were as a «u»Missionary «/u» «u»Priest «/u» in «u»India «/u». He was later «u»Secretary «/u» of the «u»CMS «/u» before elevation to the «u»Episcopate «/u» as a «u»Suffragan «/u» to the «u»Archbishop of York «/u». He died on «u»24 August «/u» «u»1960 [4]«/u».
«i»Rt. Rev. H. T. Vodden Former Bishop Of Hull«/i» (Obituaries) «u»The Times«/u» Friday, Aug 26, 1960; pg. 13; Issue 54860; col A

Photographs detailed record for shelfmark Mss Eur F186/326()

Caption:«tab»Photographs of staff, students, buildings and activities of the Missionary Settlement for University Women, Bombay.
Date:«tab»c. 1895-1920s
Notes:«tab»Collection of 55 prints relating to the activities of the Missionary Settlement for University Women, Bombay. The material includes portraits of staff and students; views of the Women's Christian College, Madras, the Dufferin Hospital, Calcutta, Pandita Ramabai's settlement for widows; staff and students of Bombay Medical College; a Parsi family; group of clergy with (?)the Right Rev. Edwin James Palmer, Bishop of Bombay; Professor Rendel Harris's expedition to St Catherine's Convent, Mount Sinai, in search of early Christian manuscripts.
Buildings:«tab»Bombay Medical College; Dufferin Hospital (Calcutta); Women's Christian College (Madras)
Topics:«tab»education; health care; medical missions; medical schools; mission buildings; mission colleges; mission schools; missionaries; Missionary Settlement for University Women Collection; Parsees
Portraits:«tab»Boyland, Helen.
Briggs, Rosamond.
De Selincourt, Agnes.
Dobson, A. Mary R.
Dobson, Dorothy.
Edwards, Lydia Mary.
Fear, Edith.
Harris, James Rendel. Professor
Meyer, Florence.
Müller, B.
Palmer, Edwin James. Right Rev
Picton-Turberville, Edith.
Ramabai. Pandita
Saunders, Una.
Vodden, Violet.
Vodden. Reverend
Places:«tab»Bombay; Calcutta; Chennai; India; Madras; Maharashtra; Mumbai; Tamil Nadu; West Bengal
Source: http://www.bl.uk/catalogues/indiaofficeselect/PhotoEnqFull.asp?PrintID=113512&RecNo=1&intPhSearchNo=2857612 - accessed March 27, 2013.

  • 24 Aug 1960