Mary Ann HAULEY 

*11 Jan 1922 - †8 Mar 2008



Searched for Mary Bridgewater's over age 65, yielded 3 results. Assuming that the 2nd is the most likely. She lived in the same place for 23 years to 2008 - need to search 2009 to 2013
«b»Mary A Bridgewater«/b»
4A High Street
West Midlands
«b»Length of Occupancy«/b»: 6 years to 2009
«b»Age Guide«/b»: 65+

«b»Mary A Bridgewater
60 Edinburgh Road
L7 8RF
Length of Occupancy: 23 years to 2008
Age Guide: 65+
Neighbour still there in 2013:
54 Edinburgh Road
Neighbours«tab»Time of Occupancy«tab»Telephone number
Stanley Swale«tab» 2002 - 2013«tab» Not listed

Mary Bridgewater«/b»
58 Lynwood Drive
South Yorkshire
S71 3ES
«b»Length of Occupancy«/b»: 19 years to 2013
«b»Age Guide«/b»: 65+

Searched on August 14, 2013 and found two entries, both of which do not fit:
Last name«tab»First name(s)«tab»Registration district«tab»County«tab»Registered year«tab»Month / quarter«tab»Record«tab»
BRIDGEWATER«tab»Mary Ann«tab»Birmingham«tab»Warwickshire«tab»1981«tab»Oct-Nov-Dec«tab»
BRIDGEWATER«tab»Mary Ann«tab»Dewsbury«tab»Yorkshire«tab»1991«tab»August«tab»

«b»No Children?
«/b»Free BMD
Sorry, we found no matches.
Search for«tab»August 14, 2013 «tab»
Type: Births«tab» Surname: Bridgewater«tab» Start date: Mar 1950 End date: Dec 1983«tab»
Spouse/Mother's surname: Hauley

«b»Subsequent Search«/b»
Births of all surname of Bridgewater from January 1950 to December 1983 (to Dec 1970 after death of husband)
Went through all entries checking for Mother's surname: Hauley or a possible variant
Also checked 1950 for where they were married which was in Wallasey, Cheshire.
One possibility was an Ann Bridgewater born in March 1950 quarter Vol 10a Page 885 but mother's surname was Mainwaring, so didn't fit. Came across a second entry for Denise in Jun 1953 Qtr with same mother's surname in Wallasey Vol 10A Page 865 and a third for Susan Jun 1956 Wallasey Vol 10a Page 833, George M in Jun 1957 Vol 10a Page 892, Christine Sep 1958 Vol 10a Page 868, Julie Mar 1961 Wallasey Vol 10a Page 971, Stanley G Wallasey Vol 10a Page 1061
Second was a Gregory J Bridgewater Dec Qtr 1950 where mother's name was Hanley District Hereford Vol 9a Page 41. ??
Continued to check all Wallasey, Hereford and Liverpool entries until death of husband - no other likely entries.
«b»Conclusion: There were no children from this marriage«/b».

Wedding: 1)


1) FreeBMD Accessed July 31, 2013
Surname «tab» First name(s) «tab»Spouse «tab»District «tab»Vol «tab»Page
Marriages Mar 1950 (>99%)
Bridgewater«tab» Kenneth S«tab» Hauley«tab» Wallasey«tab» 10a«tab»1308«tab»
Hauley«tab» Mary A«tab» Bridgewater«tab» Wallasey«tab» 10a«tab»1308

England & Wales, Marriage Index, 1916-2005 about Mary A Hauley
Name:«tab»Mary A Hauley
Spouse Surname:«tab»Bridgewater
Date of Registration:«tab»Jan-Feb-Mar 1950
Registration District:«tab»Wallasey
Inferred County: «tab»Cheshire
Volume Number:«tab»10a
Page Number:«tab»1308
Source Information: England & Wales, Marriage Index, 1916-2005 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc, 2010.
Original data: General Register Office. England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes. London, England: General Register Office. © Crown copyright. Published by permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Office for National Statistics. You must not copy on, transfer or reproduce records without the prior permission of ONS. Indexes created by the General Register Office, in London, England.