Raymond D. VODDEN 

*2 Jan 1914 - †8 Oct 2000



Mr. Raymond Vodden of Vassar, died Sunday, October 8, 2000 at Tendercare Nursing Home in Saginaw. He was 86 years of age.
Mr. Vodden was born January 2, 1914 in Detroit and was the son of Evelyn Vodden. He lived most of his life in Vassar.
On October 10, 1954 he married Esther Goodman. She preceded him in death in September of 1987. Mr. Vodden was a member of the Vassar Nazarene Church for 71 years. With his wife, he owned and operated the "Little Record Shop," a music store in downtown Vassar and also Reichle's Clothing Store. He was also employed as a janitor for various businesses and worked for a short time at Eaton Foundry (Grede's) in Vassar. He loved to talk on his C.B. and his handle was "Sneaky Pete."
Surviving are many cousins, extended family and friends.
Funeral services were held Wednesday, October 11, 2000 at the Vassar Nazarene Church with burial at Riverside Cemetery in Vassar. Reverend Dave Wermuth officiated.
Memorials may be directed to the Vassar Nazarene Church.
Funeral arrangements were in the care of Hanlin Chapel for Funerals, Vassar.
From the Vassar Pioneer Times - Local Obituaries Month of October 2000

«b»Raymond D. Vodden: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
«/b»«i»Name:«b»Raymond D. Vodden«/b»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Date of Birth:Friday January 02, 1914«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Date of Death:Sunday October 08, 2000«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Est. Age at death:86 years, 9 months, 6 days«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Last known residence:«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
City: Saginaw«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
County: Saginaw«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
State: Michigan«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
ZIP Code: 48603«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Latitude: 43.4497«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Longitude: -84.0072«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Confirmation: Verified«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Location of Last Benefit Paid:«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
City: Vassar«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
County: Tuscola«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
State: Michigan«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
ZIP Code: 48603«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Social Security details:«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
State of Issue: Michigan«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»
Number: 378-10-5295«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»